We need a home. We need a real museum.

We can better serve the community with permanent:
– exhibition galleries,
– reference library,
– educational programming spaces,
– guided tours,
– gift shop,
– preservation work shop, and
– storage.

What will it take? About 15,000 square feet. This will allow us to:
- develop and host exhibitions,
- present programs in a lecture/theatre space for two hundred fifty people,
host smaller meetings and offer space to local textile guilds in an all-purpose program presentation/meeting room,
greet our members and visitors in a reception area,
provide staff and volunteers with offices and meeting rooms,
maintain a storage area for a collection of historical garments,
work in collection conservation spaces,
maintain an exhibition preparation area,
shelve a non-circulatingresearch library that will be available for historians and others interested in historical fashion and textiles,
provide staff and public washrooms,
stock and staff a gift shop, and
provide general storage/maintenance facilities.

Our goal is to have a fully operational museum; this will likely have to be done in stages.

We want to spread the love.

Once we have a museum, we’ll gear up to be open to the public Tuesdays through Sundays, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, with one opening a week to 9:00 pm. In addition to these regularly scheduled hours, other evening openings will be arranged for booked groups, scheduled educational programs, and special rental of the facilities.

The lecture hall/theatre and meeting room will be rented out when they were not being used by SMOC. These will provide additional spaces for community meetings and cultural presentations.

You’ll be invited!

Once we have a museum, as an individual, a party, or a group, you’ll be welcome to visit us.

We’ll encourage visits from local residents, regional, provincial, national, and international tourists, diverse cultural backgrounds, family groups, tour groups, conferences, cruises, sightseeing companies, local organizations, individual students and school groups (secondary schools, post-secondary schools, trade schools), fashion industry workers, film industry workers, and costume researchers.

Many major cities around the world have benefited from museums of costume. The Museum will provide an educational and entertaining “destination” activity that culturally enhances all of Vancouver. The museum will be a lively cultural center, setting high standards for its displays, its tours, its workshops, and its publications. SMOC’s intention is to construct and operate a museum that is physically and intellectually accessible to all.

There’s a lot of work to do.

A museum masterplan and construction budget will be created once the location for the future Museum is named.

Dedicated fundraising will be required to meet what will likely be a multi-million dollar goal.

We’re planning for smooth operations.

As for operational expenses, a full business plan will be prepared as part of the museum development process, but museum admission fees, educational program fees, membership fees, and gift shop sales are expected to make SMOC financially viable and self-sustaining. School groups, pre-arranged tour groups from conferences, cruises, sightseeing companies, and local organizations, as well as individuals, will pay for guided tours of the exhibitions and special programs (lectures, workshops, fashion shows, etc.). SMOC staff will provide speaker services for a fee to other museums, business meetings, etc. Spaces within the museum will be rented out for meetings and special events. It is also expected that traveling exhibitions produced by SMOC will be rented by museums across Canada and the United States, which will bring in additional revenue. For the development of specific exhibits and programs, SMOC will take advantage of provincial and federal grant opportunities. As a charitable organization, SMOC will provide tax receipts for cash donations, bequests, and donations in-kind. Moreover, fundraising will be a primary responsibility of the SMOC board.

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