Cultural Contributions





 SMOC is unique.
The Society’s themes (historical and cultural clothing and textiles) will add a new dimension to the local museum scene.  SMOC is the only local cultural organization with its particular mandate.



SMOC is a team player.


SMOC is already a cooperative part of Vancouver’s over-all museum community.  We enjoy a productive relationship with museums in Vancouver and surrounding municipalities, as well as the Royal British Columbia Museum.  These exhibition and programming links deepen and grow profound with time. SMOC plans to partner with other cultural and heritage organizations, galleries, and artists on tourism initiatives.


SMOC partners with multicultural groups to produce programs and exhibitions about traditional and non-traditional ethnocultural costume and fashion.  The variety of cultural clothing styles and textile arts offer unlimited opportunities for collaborations.


The expertise of SMOC is a resource for the educational institutions of the area.  Partnerships in programs to train fashion and textile designers at secondary schools, trade schools, community colleges, and universities are mutually beneficial.


SMOC has links with several local textile craft guilds (quilting, embroidery, crocheting, lacemaking).  Once the SMOC museum is operational, these clubs could meet at the museum, as well as assist in the museum’s work.  A research library will assist all.


SMOC has links with many not-for-profit organizations in Vancouver.  Members of SMOC have presented fashion shows and lectures whose proceeds have supported charitable causes, such as the Canadian Cancer Society, the Vancouver Ballet Society, the Native Daughters of British Columbia, the Optimists Club, and other service organizations.  These associations are expected to increase.



A Museum of Costume will be a great economic booster.


The Society for the Museum of Original Costume will provide economic opportunities for local businesses.  At the same time, it will benefit from strong ties to the community.  SMOC will create partnerships with local merchants and craftspeople.  Individual visitors to the museum, as well as groups that book museum tours and programs, will be encouraged to use local restaurants, cafés, and stores.  The increase in sidewalk traffic that is expected from the museum as an attraction will aid local businesses.  As well, craftspeople working in the fashion, accessory, jewelry, and textile trades could sell their wares in the museum gift shop.  Exhibitions might feature local designers, thus publicizing Vancouver’s garment trade.



Will you be a SMOC booster?


SMOC looks forward to support from the community Individuals are encouraged to become members and donors.  Local businesses are encouraged to become corporate members of SMOC and to sponsor exhibitions and programs.


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