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J’Adore! : Live Fashion Show of Ivan Sayers’ Favorite Things

J’ADORE ** Ivan Sayers’ Favorite Things ** Featuring a live fashion show of vintage and historic treasures Costume historian Ivan Sayers showcases highlights of his stunning collection of historic clothing and accessories spanning...

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Lougheed House Event Advertisement: Daring Deco 1920s Fashion Show by Ivan Sayers

Ivan Sayers and a 1920s dress from his collection. Photography by Rebecca Blissett, Museum of Vancouver In Calgary and near the Lougheed House on Sept. 11th, 2015?  Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see...

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Dressed as Humans: Notes and information from Ines Ortner and SMOC’s presentation

SMOC presents notes from Ines Ortner   Dressed as Humans: Expressionism in Performance and the full body masks of Lavinia Schulz and Walter Holdt 1910-1923 “The well costumed person appears undressed, that makes...

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